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We are gate and rustic furniture manufacturing company. We make high quality made to measure gates to fit any driveway or entrance. We provide professional installation service using only best products and automation equipment.

AbOUT us

We make a wide variety of different types and styles of made to measure gates, offering both wooden and metal options. Our craftsmanship encompasses various types and styles, ensuring you find the perfect gate to match your unique preferences and property aesthetics.

Live edge oak river tables

Any size or shape from just a small coffee table to a large dining table. We can add any pigment you choose to dye the resin

Custom Projects

We work closely with each customer to make sure we understand your ideas and meet your expectations for your gates. Our aim is to provide a customized service that turns your vision into reality, from the initial concept to the final installation.

We make a wide variety of different types and styles of made to measure wooden driveway and entrance gates, fences, pedestrian gates.

We individually coordinate the gate project with each client in order to implement the client’s ideas and to meet their expectations.
We have an extensive range of gates, but we primarily manufacture on behalf of gate automation companies throughout the UK and work with them, to meet their customer’s specific requirements.

We recommend our customers bespoke gates as it will not only be decorative but to also offer a protective function.

We primarily manufacture timber, metal and steel framed/timber clad gates, including garage doors.We can personalize gates to the client’s specifications including engraving, incorporate letterboxes, post sleeves, bespoke galvanized hinges, staining and much more too .

For those who recognize the fast pace of life, we install an automatic gate opening system with a remote control.

Traditional wooden gates give the home a sense of warmth.

There is no need to explain the benefits of wood. Natural wood is always closer to nature, closer to human heart. The tree will always be one of the loveliest things to the human eye, giving it a unique spiritual comfort and peace.

The wood used in the architecture of the house adds a special charm.

We love finding the right solution for every situation, and are not by a little challenge!

Unique Rust create made to order handmade  furniture with epoxy resin.
The most popular products at the moment are epoxy resin river tables

We use raw oak slabs for our tables.

Bespoke tables are made to measure , so we can make any resin furniture from just a coffee table to a dining table or even a kitchen worktop and much more. Your project can be designed either by you, or by us working to fulfill your specifications.

Normally it takes 9 weeks to make rustic furniture with epoxy resin.

We can’t rush of making those tables as they are bespoke and need special time to achieve a best result, it’s like an art you can’t rush.

If you have seen something you like, but can’t find it for sale, please contact us to request a custom piece just for yourself.

about us
Bespoke Gates
Bespoke Gates

We can create Bespoke Gates, either straight from your drawings or we can design something just for you. We also provide you with some materials, if you want to make it yourself. With Unique Rust choose right gates for your home! An automated gate system that perfectly suits you!

Feel safe, secure, private and unique!

At Unique Rust, our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond gate design and materials. We offer expert installation services, ensuring your gate fits seamlessly into your property.